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PRP Networking Code of Ethics

An organisation should use its values and ethics as the backbone for all business practices. At PRP Networking, we believe in building a humble reputation by ensuring that all our staff and members adhere to the same Code of Ethics.

  1. I will treat all members and their referrals with a high level of respect and honesty.
  2. I will, where practicable, give preference to referring work to my fellow PRP Members.
  3. I will ensure that when referring the services of the other members, it is in the same way that I would expect them to be referring my services.
  4. I will ensure that the delivery of my services is at the price and level of quality which I had initially quoted (unless the quote requirements have changed and been renegotiated).
  5. I will ensure that all referrals I receive have been followed up with the referrer and client.
  6. I will be diligent in keeping MyLeadPod refreshed and use it to its full capacity to the best of my ability.
  7. I will take responsibility for maintaining a positive, encouraging and supportive attitude, with the spirit that this group was formed.
  8. I will, as an PRP Member, respect the privacy of fellow members and will not distribute any unpublished member information, private information and unsolicited email spam.
  9. I will encourage all fellow members to utilise PRP Networking as their preferred means to build professional relationships, forge friendships and develop trust with other members.
  10. I will, through my actions, contribute to help maintain the high calibre of the PRP Organisation, by fostering an environment that is positive and confidence-building, as we are all in it for the same reason, to “Build our Business”.