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“Do business with people you know, like and trust”


PRP is a referral business community founded on the philosophy of putting members first by hosting events that create genuine value for the attendees and most importantly focusing on facilitating an environment which encourages the passing of referrals.

In short, we’re all here to grow our businesses.

While many networking groups promise referrals, an expanded network and so much more, we have found that they do this from a top down, more stick than carrot approach that stifles warm interaction. Less formal, more referrals.

It is our belief that our profits should be used to grow the whole community in the form of #PRPPerks and promoting the members within it.

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I love how relaxed PRP is, and the members really go out of their way for each other #PRPBaby

Got 2 HUGE referrals from a East member for a $18mil development. If I win this it will be a life changer.

A big thank you to PRP for an introduction to a local real estate agent which I have already received a deal from.

Thanks to PRP my digital agency Elevate Social has secured thousands of dollars of work. And with our latest referrals potentially tens of thousands of work! Thanks PRP! #PRPBaby!

Am loving every bit of this networking family. I have visited Central, South and of course a resident #prpbaby North, and I must say everyone is just so friendly and pleasant and it’s a breath of fresh air for me.


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